The 20 Most Epic Hairstyles You'll Ever See In Your Life 
March 23, 2015 #hair #hairaddiction  #hairstyle
By Chante Owens
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What's hair without a little flair? I'll be honest, I get a little scared at the prospect of making a bold change to my hair. Aside from a few  purple streaks in my teens and a season of dreadlocks in college, my hair hasn't ventured far from the dark brown curls that I'm still learning to love. 

These girls on the other hand are grabbing life by the roots and making sure everyone knows it. These are the 20 most epic hairstyles that you'll ever see. Bravo, girls. Bravo! 

1. Rainbow Mohawk 

2. Flower Bun 
Modern Salon

3. Graphic Sidecut & Topknot 
4. Pull-Through Fishtail 
5. Neon Madness 
6. Candy Hair
7. Bouquet Of Swirls 
8. Extreme Long Bob
9. Mermaid Blue
10. Double Rainbow French Braids
11. Double Fishtail 
12. Cascading Blossom 
13. Vibrant Meltdown 
14. Bow Braid 
15. Braided Fauxhawk 
16. Rainbow French Braid 
17. Elegant Wave 
18. Neon Layers 
19. Romantic Braided Bun 
20. Peek-A-Boo Animal Print