12 Stunning Photos That Show Why Purple Is The New Ombre
March 9, 2015 #hair #hairaddiction #hairstyles
By Charles
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Brunettes around the world have been dip dyeing their hair non-stop since the ombre craze swept the globe, but for the adventurous of heart, purple might just be the next evolution.

For those not in the know, ombre hair is a color fashion trend that had as rapid of a fall as it had a rise.  It's effect is created by having a base color at the root of the hair that fades to a lighter color at the tips, sometimes even going all the way to blonde.  Usually this is done by dip-dyeing hair.

It's a lovely color style that has been taken up by hair enthusiasts, stylists, and even celebrities in droves.

But the trend has been fading as of recent, but just because the brunette-to-blonde gradient is going away doesn't mean we need to throw away the dip-dyeing technique entirely.

So, for the adventurous spirits amongst us, we decided to bring you some stunning photos of women who dip-dyed their hair purple with absolutely beautiful results.

1. White base with a rapid fade to a shimmering purple.
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2. Deep purple base faded to white/purple tips.

3. Deep purple gradient with cyan tips.

4. "Passionate Purple" taken by Dani Diamond.

5. A punk rock take on black to purple.

6. A braided look going from black to purple to white.

7. For our short haired fans out there, a purple to white fade.

8. This may not even be purple but we wanted to include it anyway.  My nickname for it is the "lightning bolt."

9. A soft white and purple blend.

10. A lovely style with purple and blue streaks.

11. And just because we know hair enthusiasts love having fun, rainbow hair!

12. We're not done yet, one last one!

And there you have it!  I know we got a little crazy near the end, but even if you wouldn't wear some of these purple-themed dip-dye wonders, we know you secretly enjoyed seeing them:)

Which ones are your favorites?  Let us know in the comments!