7 sneaky hair styles that your employer will never discover
January 23, 2016 #hairaddiction
By Charles
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When it comes to awesome hair, not everybody is a fan. Specifically, employers at certain large retail stores *ahem*. Often, hair enthusiasts have to forego their favorite colors or looks to appease their bosses. Now, reasons aside, these clever women have found ways to express themselves AND keep their jobs. What a great combo.

In any case, check out these awesome styles and let us know which ones you think would slide at your workplace! For those of you fortunate enough to work somewhere that doesn't care what color or style your hair is, *golf clap* sit back and enjoy the show:)

1. Sidecut

2. Back undercut

3. Undercolor rainbow

Is this your client? #no #colorcorrection #undercolor #beautyschooldropout #stripes

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4. Purple under-accent

5. Short haired undercolor rainbow

6. Party while up, work while down

7. Hidden purple streak

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