How hair color "ribboning" is taking over the (hair) world
January 31, 2016 #hairaddiction
By Charles
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At Hair Addiction, we're always looking for the "next big thing." Last year, it was ombre. Virtually any ombre hair we featured on our Facebook page would just go absolutely crazy. This year? The jury is still out. Ombre styles are still popular, but don't garner nearly the same attention (read Likes and Shares) that they used to. Is it because the style has become less beautiful? Of course not! Ombre hair themes are as gorgeous as they ever were. Have stylists and hair enthusiasts alike simply seen more of it around? Probably.

However we are noticing a new trend take hold. We recently featured a piece by IG @hairhunter that raked in a whopping 16,000 Likes.

What do you think, Hair Addicts? Via IG @butterflyloftsalon, hair by IG @hairhunter

Posted by Hair Addiction on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Now, we have over a million fans on Facebook #humblebrag but that kind of turn out for a single photo is unusual.

Maybe it was the color combo, we thought. Maybe people just like that medium-length hair, we wondered. So we featured more of each, but those length and color doppelgängers were no match for that featured style of purple highlights "ribboned" (credit @hairhunter for coining that term!) amongst golden locks.

So we tried another feature, this time a multi-colored ribboned look. The result? It simply exploded, with 10,000 likes in the first day!

This looks incredible! by IG @charityhfippsFor more hair features, follow us on IG @hairaddictionmag

Posted by Hair Addiction on Sunday, January 31, 2016

We have to admit, there is something special about those ribboned colors. Not as overt as a full head of purple or rainbow, but also not as subtle as highlights. It almost seems to be the perfect medium for those wanting an everyday-friendly look, without sacrificing self expression and that "wow" factor that comes from adding a dash of vibrant color to an otherwise "normal" 'do.

What do you think, Hair Addicts? Is "ribboning" colors into hair the new trend of 2016? We'll keep featuring it if you keep liking it, but let us know what you think of ribboned hair in the comments, and whether it's going to be your next style!
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